This is the annual “Crosby Hall” sesshin, and this year IZAUK will be hosted by Kanshoji Temple, near Limoges in France.

Sesshins are an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Buddha Way and to return to the root of  our practice, which is to renew our vows as Bodhisattvas in each moment.The sesshin is open to all.

During the week there will be teachings and presentations of different aspects of our practice and the forms they take within Soto Zen: Zazen, Ceremony, Oryoki, Samu.The essence of these forms is to bring the practice of the Buddha Way to each moment and to each activity. In addition to Zazen, teachings will also be given in the form of Teisho, Chosan, and Mondo.


Kanshoji Temple, 30 miles south of Limoges in SW France.  24450 La Coquille, Limousin, France

JPThe Teacher:

Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure was ordained as a monk by Master Taisen Deshimaru. After leading the Toulon dojo, he became head of La Gendronniere Temple. Today he is the abbot of Kanshoji Zen Monastery. A disciple of Dônin Minamizawa  Roshi,  vice-zenji of Eiheiji Temple in Japan, he received Dharma transmission from him in 2003.


Sunday 3rd May 2015 in time for dinner at 8pm


Sunday 10th May after lunch


€115 for the week

Bursary:  Izauk members with financial difficulty, can apply for help with the sesshin fees (but not travel costs) from the bursary fund – contact Peter Moorhouse.


Air: The cheapest way is early booking with budget airlines eg Ryanair, Flybe to Limoges from various UK airports: Stansted, Midlands, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Southampton.
Train: Eurostar to Paris, then via Limoges to La Coquille.

Zafus may be borrowed upon request, please let Kanshoji know in advance, (see booking slip)

Any Queries please email  or ring Anette on 020 8699 4753

Click Here for the Sesshin Leaflet

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