IZAUK A bit of history…

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IZAUK was formed by Jean Shogen Baby and Nancy Nanshin Amphoux, a monk and a nun who were disciples of Master Taisen Deshimaru, the Soto Zen Master who founded the International Zen Association (AZI) in France.  Having followed him for many years, Jean and Nancy brought the teachings of Master Deshimaru to the United Kingdom in 1986  and devoted themselves to transmitting the practice of true zen throughout the UK.  Within a decade they established more than ten dojos (places for the practice of zazen).

The International Zen Association UK (IZAUK) was founded in 1986 to support the zen dojos which follow Master Deshimaru’s teaching in the UK and it continues to support the individual Friends of IZAUK through their local dojos.

IZAUK is a charitable trust run by a voluntary committee of trustees made up of representatives from each dojo in the UK.

What does IZAUK do?

  • Makes the practice of zazen available and keeps Master Taisen Deshimaru’s teaching alive in the UK.
  • Harmonises and facilitates communication between the UK dojos.
  • Plans, organises and supports sesshins in the UK.
  • Provides funds and support for the creation of new dojos or sitting groups.

What benefits will I receive as a Friend of IZAUK?

In becoming a Friend of IZAUK you’ll be supporting all of the above activities. Additionally you will receive the following benefits:

  • You will receive regular copies of the IZAUK newsletter (via email)
  • Access to the IZAUK Announcements e-mail list to keep you up to date with activities and events across the UK Sangha
  • You will receive advance notification of forthcoming events and sesshins
  • You will receive a discounted price on various sesshins and events in the UK
  • You will receive the current password to access the online repository of talks – in audio (MP3) or document (PDF) formats
  • You will be entitled to attend the IZAUK annual general meeting and to participate in the election of the ‘Friends of IZAUK’ Trustee
    • The current Friends of  IZAUK Trustee is Ryan Johnston from the Bristol Dojo – He can be contacted via the contact page of this site – choose “IZAUK – Friends Trustee”

Becoming a Friend of IZAUK

Please note: Friends of IZAUK membership runs per calendar year: from 1st January to 31st December each year. There is no pro rata reduction for people joining mid-year.

There are 2 ways you can become a Friend of IZAUK

IZAUK Membership Secretary
Maddie Parisio
16 Camborne Close
Tel: 01603 743 911

If you would like more information about joining the Friends of IZAUK – send an email to the Membership Secretary.