IZAUK Women’s Group – Women of the Way

Since 2021 the women’s group has been holding 40 minute zazen sittings on Monday evenings.

All women of the sangha are welcome to join us for these sits at any time. You do not need to commit to sitting with us every month.

Extra sit on Tuesdays 

From June we will be adding an additional sit at 9am on the Tuesday following the monthly Monday sit. 

Women only sesshin

On the 24th, 25th and 26th June 2022 we will hold our first women only sesshin at the Stibbington Centre in Peterborough. 

The numbers attending sesshin will be limited to allow plenty of space and for each of us to have our own room.

Arrival will be on Friday evening (24th) and departure on Sunday afternoon (26th). The sesshin will be less formal than a typical IZAUK sesshin but will include at least two sits a day and teachings.

This will be an opportunity for the women in our sangha to come together, practise together, work together and create a network to support each other. 

Please email wotwzen@gmail.com  for further details.