IZAUK Women’s Network : Women of the Way

The Women of the Way network was formed in 2021. This network offers online sits, online discussions and in-person women-only sesshins.

Online (Zoom) sits

The network holds a 40-minute zazen sit on:

  • the first Monday of each month, at 7pm, and
  • the next day (Tuesday), at 9am.

All women of the sangha are welcome to join us for these sits. You do not need to commit to sitting with us every month.

Online (Zoom) discussions

The monthly Monday sits are followed by a zen-related discussion (generally 45 minutes to 1 hour in length). The theme or topic is made available a few days beforehand. Feel free to join for just the sit, just the discussion, or both.

Women-only sesshins 

On 14–17 July 2023, we will hold our second women-only sesshin. The venue is the Stibbington Centre in Peterborough. The recommended cost is £160, with £130 for low waged and £100 for unwaged. 

Arrival will be on Friday 14th (after 5pm) and departure on Monday 17th (after 3pm). This will be an opportunity for the women in our sangha to come together, practise together, work together and create a network to support each other. 

Please check the events page on this website for current information.

Alternatively, email wotwzen@gmail.com  for further details.