Friends of IZAUK Membership is only £20 per year.

You may additionally pay your yearly membership to our parent organisation, the AZI (Association Zen International), along with your Friends of IZAUK Membership.

If you pay them both together, you will pay a lower rate for your AZI membership.

NOTE!  We will not accept AZI membership payments after 14th FEBRUARY each year.

If it’s after 14th  Feb, please pay your membership to the AZI directly.

We are now accepting membership payments for the 2023 Calendar Year.

Form doesn’t work??

We have been having some intermittent issues with Stripe, and for some people, the form below may not work.  If this is the case:

    • please complete all the information below
    • next to “Please select one of the following:” choose “I can’t get this form to work
    • Submit the form
    • Follow the link provided or go to :  to complete your payment

Membership Form: