About Fuse

Fuse (pronounced “foo-say” and called “dana” in sanskrit) is often translated as generosity or giving. It is one of the paramitas (perfections or virtues of wisdom) in buddhism. Generosity can take many forms including the giving of material offerings, giving teachings, giving peace of mind (the allaying of another’s fears) or the giving of work. Mostly, when we think of fuse, we associate it with altruistic giving, giving without thought of benefit to oneself.

“The important thing about fuse is not what we give, but what we are … in Zen we say that true giving takes place when the giver, the receiver and the gift are all forgotten”

~ Jean Baby

The IZAUK Sesshin Bursary Fund

Not long ago, being poor may have left you no choice but to cancel going on your next sesshin. But now, karmic downturns in your personal cash flow are no longer a good excuse for not attending!

How can this be? I hear you ask.

Well, the Bursary fund was started for IZAUK members just like you. The account was opened on the 13th October 2008 with an initial deposit of £300 from IZAUK.   Soon after in the November Sheringham sesshin of the same year,£585 was raised from donations from individual members and some dojos.

The only requirements for qualification of financial aid are that you are a member of the Friends of IZAUK and you are attending the sesshin in question.

To date, the Bursary fund has helped many individuals to pay their sesshin fees – some on more than one occasion. Bursary assistance has (and is due to) range from £20 to the full sesshin fee, though we do ask that you pay something, even if it’s a very small amount.

The Bursary fund is only available due to the generosity of members, so if you can afford it, please consider giving – Contact John through this form

So if money is really tight, and otherwise you would not attend a sesshin,  Send John a Message Here   – let him know how much you feel you can realistically afford to pay and the IZAUK Bursary fund can help pay the rest.