Continuing practice once you rise from your cushion…

ceremony weekend with jesse 2This will be a weekend in London which will focus on learning and practising some of the various forms, rituals and traditions which are common in Soto Zen.

This will be a weekend of training in the forms of Soto Zen, through demonstration, practical workshops, discussion and talk. The format and content will be flexible: in response to the needs and priorities of those present, we may look at such topics as movements in the dojo (gassho, sampai etc.), chanting, the role of the chant leader, the use of the instruments, the form of the ceremony, the role of the Doshi, the meal ceremony and the use of oryoki. It will include a consideration of the wide range of practices current in Japan and in the West and how to select forms that are appropriate for your dojos and groups.

This weekend is intended primarily for those who are active in dojo ceremonies or attend sesshins regularly. Others who practice zazen and are interested in learning about the ceremony will also be welcome.

The Teacher:

Reihô Jesse Haasch has been practicing zazen since 1990, initially in New Orleans as a disciple of Reibin Robert Livingston, from 1998 in Zurich as a disciple of Missen Michel Bovay and from 2010 as a disciple of Hôkan Saitô Roshi. For the past year he has been practising at Zuiôji Monastery in Japan. He regularly offers instruction on the rituals and tradition of Soto Zen, and this workshop will be the fourth of its kind in England.


21st March 2014: all day from 8:30 – 18:30pm  – lunch will be included

22nd March 2014: half day from 8:00am – till about 15:30pm – a late breakfast (genmai) and snacks are included

Sunday afternoon, those interested will go to a local restaurant or pub  for a late lunch / early dinner together.


On Saturday 21st March:

Click for a close-up of the entrance on Avenell

Click for a close-up of the entrance on Avenell

The day will be at the Aubert Court Community Centre near Arsenal tube station please aim to be there by 8:15am.

Aubert Court Community Centre, Avenell Road, London, N5 1BL

Aubert Court Community centre is at the back of a council estate, about a 5 minute walk from Arsenal Tube Station.  Turn left out of the tube station, take your first right on to Avenell Road ,  walk down Avenell Road past the old Arsenal stadium and turn right into the Aubert Court estate.  Follow the road down to the end of the buildings and the community centre is right there on the Left.  For bus routes on the nearby Highbury Park (A1201) see the TFL website.

Click here for location on Google Maps

Parking:  NONE – we are not allowed to park on the estate, and street parking is restricted.  HOWEVER, for those of you who simply must bring a car,  we have provision for 4 or 5 cars to park at the back of the nearby Sotheby Mews Centre (7 minutes walk away), off street.  Contact Lana if you want to be one of these cars.  Bicycles can be brought inside.

On Sunday 22th March:

The 1/2 day of workshops will begin at 8:00AM  and go till 15:30PM  and will be held at the Caledonian Road Dojo  – local street parking is available on Sunday and registrations for this day will be capped at 14 people for space considerations.


£30 for Saturday only,  £20 for Sunday only,  £45 for the whole weekend


  • a zafu if you have one
  • 3 nesting bowls for meal practice along with utensils (spoon, and chopsticks or fork) and a cloth to wrap them in.  This could be a proper oryoki set if you have one, or something you make for the day.
  • clothing appropriate for zazen practice


Lana –  or 07946 441 884 or 020 7993 9012  for more information

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