This year, From 7th – 12th/13th June, at our Head Temple, La Gendronniere in France’s Loire Valley, there will be, for the first time in Europe, an OJUKAI week!  A Week of preparing for, and receiving the Buddhist precepts.

This is a big event, and there’s lots of preparation to do before  – Can you help?

The following message is from the AZI :

gendro 1

We need your help.

Feel free to come and help us
with this great meeting of Ojukai!

SAMU WEEK under the guidance of Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure, abbot of the temple.

June 1st – 7th, 2016

Preparing and embellishing la Gendronnière for Ojukai.

Welcoming the Ojukai participants at La Gendronnière means that we must beautify the park, clean and prepare the rooms, dojo, and dining hall, help with kitchen and service work, etc.

Come for the whole week, or, if you can’t, for a few days.

Shedule :

Arrival Tuesday, May 31st. Dinner at 8: 30 pm.

You can also be an assistant during Ojukai

June 8th – 12th

Daily rate: 20 €
Assistants must register with the Gendronnière’s secretariat.
There is no deadline for assistants’ registration.

Visit the event page on Facebook.

A few places are still available to receive the precepts.

Questions and registrations should be sent to: