From IZAUK 2016

The IZAUK Committee invites and recommends you to join us at the UK spring sesshin at Crosby near Liverpool on 28 May to 3 June led by Mokuho Guy Mercier. This is the longest of our annual sesshins and brings the sangha together in practice for 6 nights. It is also the time and place in the UK where we have bodhisattva ordinations.

If, as well as this sesshin, you’d like to go to one in France, we can recommend the temples/monasteries/zen centres in France run by teachers who were disciples of Master Deshimaru the founder of our European sangha.

There are practitioners from Britain going to Jean Pierre Faure’s monastery, Kanshoji which is near Limoges in May ( ) and to Mokuho Guy Mercier’s summer camp at Lanau Zen Centre in July (Information and registration is now online!) : )

These two teachers also come every year to practice with us in the uk.

The other temple we would suggest is La Gendronnière  in the Loire valley near Blois. It is our founders temple, at which all the senior teachers of AZI teach. ( )

Please talk to your head of dojo for more information or to be put in touch with someone who will be travelling from the uk to attend one of these. John Callaghan ( ) can support those traveling to Kanshoji and Lana Berrington ( can support those traveling to Lanau.