Yasho Valerie GueneauPart of a weekend of events led by Yashō Valérie Guéneau, Senior Nun, Kanshoji Monastery, France

For experienced practitioners

Yasho Valérie Guéneau is a Senior Nun from Kanshoji Monastery in France. A Zen nun for thirty years, she is a disciple of Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure, Abbot of Kanshoji

The day will include zazen, ceremony, shosan, lunch & walk, and workshops. Breakfast (genmai) lunch, and afternoon tea provided.

This session is for experienced practitioners, especially those helping to run groups.

Date and Time:

Friday 22nd November 8:30am—7:40pm


Heather Yoga, Holding Space, St John St, Shipley BD18 3HU


£20; concessions: £15


For more information or to register for this event please contact John Callaghan at john.cal@outlook.com or 07946476471