The Zen Matriarchs Book by Francois Dosan Loiseau is now available to buy!

Zen Matriarchs by François Dosan Loiseau
Translated by Jade Reidy
Published by IZAUK publications

This book was first published in French in 2016 and has now been translated into English.

Zen has its roots in the awakening of the Buddha and finds its legitimacy in the transmission of his Dharma. To proclaim this, zen monks and nuns chant the list of patriarchs, great masters and teachers who have passed on to us the Dharma Lamp over the centuries. Until now this list has only included the names of men. However, recent research shows that many certified female teachers have also contributed to the transmission of the Lamp.  Matriarchs have guided and accompanied generations of monks, nuns and practitioners.

This book examines this forgotten aspect of zen and proposes a list of names for the matriarchs’ chant, in the manner of the patriarchs’ chant.

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