Moon Body

A collection of 46 poems from Master Dogen’s Eiheikoroku,  with commentaries by Zen Master Philippe Rei Ryu Coupey.

Reiryu Philippe Coupey

Reiryu Philippe Coupey

During the first lock-down of 2020, my Zen master Philippe Rei Ryu Coupey asked me to translate his book ‘Mon Corps de Lune’ from the French. It was a privilege to be confronted with this task, not least because it was a way of passing my time during the confinement with a continuous and powerful connection with my master, his teachings and the European Sangha from which I was separated. It also provided a connection back through time to the roots of our practice, through Master Deshimaru, and the great Zen master of the 13th century Eihei Dogen, whose poems are the foundation of this book.

Eshin Maddie Parisio

On finishing the translation, the work was then checked and proof-read by a team, all members of the UK sangha. All their corrections were then co-ordinated into the final document, and passed on to another willing volunteer who did the layout, and also assisted me in creating the index, and finally a graphic artist who designed the cover. It was a great accomplishment, with so many members of the IZAUK sangha working together to get this book out in print. IZAUK publishing was created as a self-publishing venture a couple of years ago in order to publish some booklets by Mokuho Guy Mercier and the English translation of Zen Matriarchs. Now we have continued with this full size book complete with photos, so we continue to pass on the teachings of our masters to a wider audience.

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Maddie É Shin Parisio

This volume is a treasure trove of teachings which open us up to the vast practice of zazen

(~ from the back cover)