Hi Everyone,  Once again I’d like to remind you that is certainly NOT too late to attend one of the many wonderful sesshins happening at our Temples in France.

We wanted to highlight 3 particular ones this year, because they were three that someone (sometimes many people) from the UK were attending, so you could be sure and meet some fellow British Sangha Members, even travel together, and of course  All of them will have English translation.

The first highlighted sessions,  are at our Head Temple, La Gendronneire Zen Temple. Where there will be 6 consecutive 9-day summer sessions, each run by a different one of our senior teachers.

The first, was early July and led by  Reiryu Philippe Coupey  – and this has just finished.

The Second Highlighted session:

– Is also at our head temple, La Gendronneire (near Blois, in the Loire Valley) – and while it starts tomorrow (7th July) – it’s still not too late to pop over and catch the last half!   See more details on the leaflet here: http://zen-azi.org/sites/default/files/DepliantEte2017_EN.pdf This session is being led by Mokuho Guy Mercier, and there is quite a contingent of Brits attending.   Contact Lana Berrington (lana@berrington.ca), if you want a little more information, or help on how to get there, beyond what’s written in the leaflet.

If this is too soon for you (and it might be) – you can see there are 4 more sessions being held at Gendronneire – check out the leaflet.


The third of our Highlighted sessions

is being held at Kanshoji Zen Monastery, near Limoges – being led by Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure  – it is between 12th – 20th of August, will certainly have a good contingency of  brits there.  If you would like any help or assistance or advice on attending this one, do contact John Callaghan on  07946 476471  or by email john.cal@outlook.com – he can answer any questions you like, or.. perhaps you just want to dive in and book – see the information here on their website: http://www.kanshoji.org/language/en/kanshojievent/summer-session-2/

Of course, there’s always lots of summer opportunities at the various practice places in France, The Head Temple: La Gendronneire with many different teachers,  Kanshoji Zen Monastery with Taiun Faure,  The Lanau Zen Centre with Mokuho Mercier, and others including temples in Nice, and in Spain – so have a look!  Do go!  if you like Zen, France is the place to be in the summer time.  Ask the person who runs your dojo, or message the group closest to you, I bet there’s someone going to the one that fits your schedule!