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Guy Mokuho Mercier – Asquins sesshin – October 2020


Kusen given at a retreat at Asquins, France – October 2020 “I am”, an undeniable state which is the Awareness-Presence in which beings and the world of impermanence unfold. Useless to search for a way to attain it. As Master Dogen says: “It’s always already there”. When a baby learns how to walk, it falls […]

The Six Paramitas – commentaries by Guy Mokuho Mercier


We are pleased to share here (with the author’s permission) an introduction to and commentary on the Six Paramitas, which first appeared in Tenborin publications. About Guy Mokuho Mercier As one of AZI’s Spiritual Council, Zen Teacher Guy Mokuho Mercier provides guidance for many of IZAUK’s dojos. He regularly leads Zen days, weekends and longer […]

Sutra Chanting Resource Collection

Click a link to download / print out a PDF version of any text you need for ‘virtual dojo’ sessions: 1. Hannya Shingyo, Shigu Seiganmon, Ji Ho San Shi 2. Kesa Sutra 3. Sandokai 4. Daihi Shin Dharani 5. Eko of the Patriarchs 6. Eko of the Matriarchs 7. Hannya Shingyo Eko 8. Deshimaru’s Short […]