We are pleased to share here (with the author’s permission) an introduction to and commentary on the Six Paramitas, which first appeared in Tenborin publications.

About Guy Mokuho Mercier

As one of AZI’s Spiritual Council, Zen Teacher Guy Mokuho Mercier provides guidance for many of IZAUK’s dojos. He regularly leads Zen days, weekends and longer retreats (sesshin) at locations throughout the UK, notably Bristol, Liverpool, London and Norfolk.

He began practising zazen with Master Taisen Deshimaru in 1973, becoming his disciple in March 1976 after receiving ordination as a monk. In September 2008 he received Dharma transmission from Sojun Matsuno Roshi in Takefu, Japan.

Guy Mokuho is the head of the Lanau Zen Centre in the Cantal region of France.

The articles are PDFs and may be downloaded for personal study