This will be a 2.5 day Zen Retreat (Sesshin) at Burwell House (Near Newmarket and Cambridge) led by Senior Teacher Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure

About the Teacher:

Taiun Jean-Pierre-Pierre Faure, born 1945, is the father of three children. He holds a PhD in physics and has been practising zazen since 1977. He was ordained a monk by Master Deshimaru in 1981. He created the Marrakech Dojo, then became head of the Toulon Dojo. From 1997 to 2002 he was the head of La Gendronniére Temple, and continues to be one of the leaders of the Association Zen International (AZI). Today, he is Abbott of Kanshoji Temple in La Coquille, near Limoges, France ( He is a disciple of Donin Minamizawa Roshi, vice-zenji of Eiheiji Temple, Japan, from whom he received Dharma transmission in 2003. Click for more information about Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure.

Burwell House poster and registration form

Printable registration form


Thursday 24th October from 4:00pm


Sunday 27th October at 3:00pm, after clean-up.

Please plan to stay; we need your help


Dark, loose-fitting clothes for zazen; a zafu if you have one (some will be available to borrow); three nesting bowls (the largest approx 13cm in diameter), a spoon and fork, and a cloth (e.g. tea towel) to wrap them in.  Also, clothes for work in the kitchen, gardens, etc.


Burwell House is located 13 miles North East of Cambridge towards Newmarket.

The address is:  Silver St, Burwell, Cambridge CB25 0EF.

You can see it on Google Maps here:

Travel Information:

  • By rail:
    • (i) to Newmarket, then either by taxi to Burwell House (5.5 miles), or arrange a lift from Newmarket train station by contacting the organiser in advance.
    • (ii) to Cambridge, then by public transit:
      • Take Citi 1 bus towards Arbury for 4 stops to St. Andrews Street (stop S1)
      • You will be by the Cambridge Bus station. Walk 2 minutes to the Drummer Street Bus station
      • From bay 9 take bus number 11 towards Newmarket.  Get off at the Silver Street stop on Toyse Lane (about 52 minutes) and continue 3 minutes down Toyse Lane, then left on Silver Street. Burwell House is on the right.  You can also go 1 further stop and get off at Anchor Lane then walk back around the Baptist church  to Silver Street
  • Some other public transit options may exist for you – check Google maps, and click directions, then the “transit” button  for all your options.

Note: There are no bus services on Sundays. We will arrange lifts or shared taxis to Cambridge for transit connections after the retreat. If registering online, please indicate whether you will need, or can offer, lifts to Cambridge on Sunday afternoon.


Recommended:  £150 (Friends of IZAUK);  £165 (Non-members)

Low Wage:          £125 (Friends of IZAUK);  £140 (Non-members)

Unwaged:            £105 (Friends of IZAUK);  £115 (Non-members)

To help with equipment and meal planning, those who booked before 10th October with full payment or a deposit of £25 receive a £20 discount. Deposits are not normally refundable.

Registration / Booking:

Registration for this sesshin is now closed.


Remember, Friends of IZAUK members can apply for help from the bursary fund through John Callaghan. Do not let money stop you from attending. You can become a Friend of IZAUK at the sesshin, or beforehand – See information here.For more information email John Callaghan at or text him on 07946 476471