July and August dates for zen days (Saturdays):
19 July
9th and 23rd August

These will be half-day zen sessions with shared lunch followed by sewing, ceremony training, discussion, or zazen. The cost will be £8 for the morning, or £16 for the day.

Arrival 8:30 / 8:45, with first Zazen at 9am, The door will be locked at 8:55
It would help to know if you plan to attend any of these sessions, so please contact Ged if you plan on attending.

Zazen is for everyone.
You do not need an invitation, or prior experience, and you do not need to have ‘mastered mind and body’ or any such nonsense before you begin. Zazen is simply sitting, allowing your busy-ness to fall away, and to welcome your natural peaceful presence.

In sewing sessions, we sew Rakusus and Kesas, which are worn during Zazen by people who have taken the precepts, and those who have a responsibility in the Dojo. You can see pictures of these on the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/oxfordzen.