Broadcast sits and ceremonies

We will provide a series of three broadcast sessions on Sunday 3rd May in honour of our founder, Master Taisen Deshimaru who died 38 years ago on 30th April, 1982.


The schedule is:

First session – led by Peter Moorhouse, North Wales Dojo

06h30 – 08h00 : Zazen / kinhin / zazen

08h00 – 08h30: Morning ceremony :

Hannya shingyo, lineage of the patriarchs up to Master Keizan, eko and Ji ho san shi

Second session – led by Chris Seiho Preist, Bristol Zen Dojo

9h30 – 11h00 : Zazen/kin hin/zazen

11h00: ceremony in memory of Master Deshimaru:

Daihi shin darani, incense offering, special eko for Sensei, Ji ho san shi  – the special eko will be put online on the AZI website.

Third session – led by Maddie E Shin Parisio, Norwich

02h30 – 04h00: Zazen / kinhin / zazen:

End of day dedication, fueko, Ji ho san shi.

Broadcasting usually begins up to 15 mins before the sit starts, with the wood sounding 5 mins before the sit. you can listen using a normal web browser or by downloading the MIXLR app (which is available for Android and iPhones, Windows and Mac laptops & desktops) from your normal app store.

We look forward to many of you joining us for this special event.