Kesa Leaflet page 1 smallThis will be a Zen Practice session devoted to the sewing and repairing of kesas and rakusus to be led by Zen Nun Françoise Kosen Laurent .

Rakusus are garments which are presented to people when they receive Bodhisattva ordination (also known as jukai or receiving the precepts) as well as monk or nun ordination (a rakusu is a 5-band kesa worn around the neck).  Additionally, monks and nuns are presented with a 7 band kesa  at their ordination.  In our tradition, we usually make these garments ourselves

On Friday and Saturday there will be zazen before breakfast and after supper with 2 periods of sewing in between. On Sunday we will have a half day of zazen, lunch and then samu before going home.

Led by:  Zen Nun Françoise Kosen Laurent. Françoise has been sewing kesas since 1976, the year that she received nun ordination from Master Taisen Deshimaru.  She regularly leads kesa sewing sesshins at our head temple, La Gendronniere and at various dojos in Europe.  Françoise will help those who want to repair, continue to sew, or start a new kesa or rakusu.


Thursday, 25th September at about 6pm to eat at about 8pm


Sunday 28th September after lunch and cleanup (around 2:30 or 3:00 pm – please plan on staying for cleanup – we need your assistance)


Bilberry Hill Centre, Rose Hill, Birmingham, B45 8RT

The Bilberry Hill Centre is located on the outskirts of Birmingham, within walking distance of the delightful 500 acre Lickey Hills country park.  Being close (but not too close) to Britain’s central city makes it easily accessible for everyone.  There is a variety of accommodation at the centre, including some single rooms.

How to get there: The nearest train stations are Barnt Green and Longbridge.  Bus number 63 leaves every 15 to 30 minutes from Birmingham city centre stopping at Rednal, Local taxis are Roundabout Cars 0121 453 1313 and Gold’n’Black Taxis 0121 453 4949.


Friends of IZAUK:  recommended: £125, low-waged: £100, unwaged: £80
Non-members:  recommended £140, low-waged: £115, unwaged £90

IZAUK Members can apply for help from the bursary fund through Steve Jackson

You will receive a £5 discount if you send a £25 deposit with your booking slip which should be returned before 15th September.


Everything you need for zazen and your personal needs.  Also bring your sewing things if you have any.  If you are repairing a kesa/rakusu try to bring thread of the colour already used and if there is a tear, matching cloth.  thread, needles and cloth will be available to buy.  If you are bringing your own cloth to make a rakusu or kesa for ordination, please bring black, unless told otherwise by the godo who is ordaining you.  It’s best if you wash the cloth before hand.

Kesa Leaflet page 2 smallTo Register:

Please return A Booking Slip to :

Adrian Tuttiett, Bristol Zen Dojo, 91 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AT

Enquires: Adrian Tuttiett 0177 942 4347  or email: Adrian Tuttiet