From 19th December 2020 onward, Senior Teacher Guy Mokuho Mercier’s Saturday morning zazen sessions have been relayed to the UK via Bristol Zen Dojo’s MIXLR channel, with simultaneous translation. His teaching during this period has focused on Great Master Keizan, and especially on the Zazen Yojinki. Here, we provide English translations of his kusen on those occasions, as well as items from specific sesshin.

Once a month, the Tenborin/Lanau Zen Sunday, is broadcast with English translation on the Zazen.UK website. The next Zen Day will be Sunday 30th May.

Kusen-19th Dec 2020

Kusen-26th Dec 2020

Kusen-2nd Jan 2021

Kusen-9th Jan 2021

Kusen-16th Jan 2021

Kusen-23rd Jan 2021

Kusen-30th Jan 2021

Kusen-6th Feb 2021

Kusen-13th Feb 2021

Kusen-20th Feb 2021 – IZAUK Winter Sesshin

Mondo-20th Feb 2021 – IZAUK Winter Sesshin

Kusen-27th Feb 2021

Kusen-28th Feb 2021 – Lanau Zen Day

Kusen-6th Mar 2021

Kusen-13th Mar 2021

Kusen-20th Mar 2021

Kusen-27th Mar 2021

Kusen-28th Mar 2021 – Lanau Zen Day

Kusen-3rd Apr 2021

Kusen-10th Apr 2021

Teachings for the Dining Room

Kusen-17th Apr 2021

Kusen-24th Apr 2021

Kusen-25th Apr 2021 – Lanau Zen Day

Kusen -1st May 2021

Kusen-8th May 2021

Kusen-15th May 2021