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Since December 2020, Senior Teacher Guy Mokuho Mercier’s Saturday morning Zoom zazen sessions have been relayed from Lanau to the UK with simultaneous translation. Here, we provide English translations of his kusen, along with items from some sesshin. 

His online teaching from January 2021 to August 2022 focused mainly on Great Master Keizan’s Zazen Yojinki. Those teachings can all be found in the kusen Archive

Since September 2022, his commentary has been on Advice for Practice written by Master Wanshi Shogaku, a Chinese Master (1091-1157).  A translation of this text can be found in Taigen Dan Leighton’s book Cultivating the Empty Field.

You can link to Tenborin relayed events (most Saturday mornings at 07:50) on the Bristol Zen Dojo-Live page. The relay is via the Channel 2 audio player. On Saturday mornings where there is no relay broadcast, it is an option to join the French-language Tenborin Zoom session itself. Where possible on such occasions, a bilingual version of the kusen is posted on this page in advance of the Zoom itself.

2022 Kusen

Kusen-3rd Sep 2022

Kusen-10th Sep 2022

Kusen-17th Sep 2022

Kusen-24th Sep 2022

Kusen-1st Oct 2022

Kusen-8th Oct 2022

Kusen-15th Oct 2022

Kusen-22nd Oct 2022

Kusen-29th Oct 2022

Kusen-5th Nov 2022

Kusen-12th Nov 2022

Kusen-19th Nov 2022

Kusen-26th Nov 2022

Kusen-3rd Dec 2022

Kusen-10th Dec 2022

Kusen-17th Dec 2022

Kusen 17th-18th Dec 2022 – BZD Weekend Sesshin

2023 Kusen

Kusen 7th Jan 2023

Kusen 14th Jan 2023

Kusen 21st Jan 2023

Kusen 28th Jan 2023

Kusen 4th Feb 2023

Kusen 11th Feb 2023

Kusen 18th Feb 2023

Kusen 25th Feb 2023

Kusen 4th Mar 2023

Kusen 11th Mar 2023

Kusen 18th Mar 2023

Kusen 25th Mar 2023

Kusen 1st Apr 2023

Kusen 8th Apr 2023

Kusen 15th Apr 2023

Kusen 22nd Apr 2023

Kusen 29th Apr 2023

Kusen 6th May 2023

Kusen 13th May 2023

Kusen 20th May 2023

Kusen 27th May 2023

Kusen 3rd Jun 2023

Kusen 10th Jun 2023

Kusen 17th Jun 2023

Kusen 24th Jun 2023

Kusen 1st Jul 2023

Kusen 8th Jul 2023

Kusen 15th Jul 2023

Kusen 22nd Jul 2023

Kusen 29th Jul 2023

Kusen 5th Aug 2023

Kusen 12th Aug 2023

Kusen 19th Aug 2023

Kusen 26th Aug 2023

Kusen 2nd Sep 2023

Kusen 9th Sep 2023

Kusen 16th Sep 2023

Kusen 23rd Sep 2023

Kusen 30th Sep 2023

Kusen 7th Oct 2023

Kusen 14th Oct 2023

Kusen 21st Oct 2023

Kusen 28th Oct 2023

Kusen 4th Nov 2023

Kusen 11th Nov 2023

Kusen 18th Nov 2023

Kusen 25th Nov 2023

Kusen 2nd Dec 2023

Kusen 9th Dec 2023

Kusen 16th Dec 2023

Kusen 23rd Dec 2023

Kusen 6th Jan 2024

Kusen 20th Jan 2024

Kusen 27th Jan 2024

Kusen 3rd Feb 2024

Kusen 10th Feb 2024

Kusen 17th Feb 2024

Kusen 24th Feb 2024

Corrected French language versions of recent kusen can be found at: https://tenborin.org/samdi-zoom-kusen/

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