Planned Events are in Red / Provisional Dates are in Yellow

THIS IS FOR CHECKING ONLY – if you want to ADD anything to this calendar, you must STILL do this:

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a google account and you are already logged in .. you must log out first – click on your email address in the upper right hand corner, and select sign out from the drop down list
  3. Log In: use username and the password you have been given and which I’m sure you wrote down on a sticky note and pasted to the wall above your computer.
  4. you will then see the google calendar. Click on an empty part of the date you wish to add something to
  5. Enter what it is under “what”
  6. Select either “planned event” or “provisional date” from the drop down box
  7. Click on Create Event

of you want to change something that’s already there…

  1. Log in as above…
  2. click on the coloured bar that has your event name written in it that you want to change
  3. click “edit event”
  4. Change the title and the date or whatever – remember to change the “calendar” dropdown box from “provisional date” to “planned event” – if you are changing the status of the event
  5. Click SAVE

If you are having trouble.. please ask one of your children.. or perhaps a neighbour’s child – they usually know all about this sort of thing.. OR YOU CAN CONTACT GED WELFORD – HE’LL HELP – He’s the guy the tech un-savvy go to and he’ll check this calendar for you.