This is a weekend of practice at the Bristol Dojo with Zen teacher Guy Mokuho Mercier.

Saturday 17th December:

Day of practice, including Genmai breakfast, lunch and supper. Starting at 8.00am and finishing at 9.15pm

The day will include a Mondo (question and answer session).

Sunday 18th December:

Half day of practice, including breakfast, starting at 8.00am and finishing (around) 12.30pm.

The morning will include an ordination ceremony of two long term practitioners.

Those who choose to, can join Guy and others for lunch at a local cafe afterwards.


Weekend: £40.00p. Saturday only: £30.00p. Sunday only: £15.00p.

Concessions available to those with limited finances. Please contact us.

If you need help finding accommodation and any other questions.

Adrian and Chris

0117 942 4347

Guy will also be leading Zazen at 6.00pm on Friday 15th.

In all cases, the time given is the time Zazen (Zen Meditation) starts. Please arrive 10 minutes before.

Newcomers are welcome but if you have not practiced with us before, please contact us in advance to arrange an introduction.

About the Teacher:

Mokuho Guy MercierGuy Mokuho Mercier began practising zazen with Master Taisen Deshimaru in 1973, becoming his disciple in March of 1976 after receiving ordination as a monk.

After Master Deshimaru’s death in 1982, he remained active in the Paris sangha. From 1986 to 1991, he was again the tenzo at La Gendronnière, and became the head of the temple from 1991 to 1997.  In September, 2008, he received Dharma transmission from Sojun Matsuno Roshi in Takefu, Japan.

Today, he is active in the AZI spiritual council is the head of the Zen Centre of Lanau near Saint Flour in the Auvergne, in France and leads the Tenborin Zen Association.  He leads sesshins in France, Spain, Switzerland and England.