Mokudo Shogen Jean Baby

Just shortly following the 1st anniversary of the passing away of Mokudo Shogen Jean Baby, IZAUK, its dojos and practitioners, continue to express our gratitude to Jean, who left this life peacefully on the night of 1st January, 2012 at the age of 90.

Jean Baby was one of Master Deshimaru’s oldest disciples, he participated in the founding of the Strasbourg Dojo and, with Nancy Nanshin Amphoux, helped to start the British Sangha. Following Nancy’s death, Jean continued to dedicate himself to the British Sangha and was instrumental in building the foundation upon which all Dojos in the UK practise the way today.

“Time passes quickly. Death follows life. And when this moment comes, it strikes like lightning. But when this moment is passed, the waves die down once more.”— from the dedication of merit to the deceased