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IZAUK Zen Sesshin – Led by Zen Nun Maddie E Shin Parisio

Maddie E Shin Parisio

Maddie E Shin Parisio started to practice in 1996 and received bodhisattva ordination from Mokudo Shogen Jean Baby in 1998.

She lived as a permanent resident at La Gendronnière for one year from 2006 to 2007 where she became a disciple of Philippe Reiryu Coupey. She received nun’s ordination from him in 2007 and Dharma transmission from him in 2021.  She is active in both Philippe’s Sangha Sans Demeure and the British IZAUK Sangha. She is IZAUK’s Membership Secretary. She lives in  Norwich, England.


Arrival: Thursday 9th November, 2023 from 4:00PM onward (eating at 8pm)

Departure: Sunday 12th November, 2023 after 3PM

It is possible to stay on Sunday night and leave by 10:00 Monday morning.

This sesshin will include an ordination ceremony.  If you wish to receive Bodhisattva ordination at this sesshin, please speak to your dojo head and the sesshin organiser as soon as possible.


Sheringham Youth Hostel
1 Cremer’s Drift
Norfolk  NR26 8HX

How to get there:

The Youth Hostel is a 5 minutes walk from the railway station. Take the train directly to Sheringham. Trains run from Norwich once per hour. National Express Coach services and Megabus all go to Norwich and you can take a bus or train from Norwich. Bus numbers 44, 44a, X44 and X40 run every 30 minutes – see Sanders Coaches

What to Bring:

Dark, loose-fitting clothes for zazen, and clothes for samu (work in the kitchen, cleaning or gardening). A zafu and zafuton if you have one (some spares available).  A bowl, cutlery and cloths to wrap them in . Please bring your own mug for drinks.

Appropriate covid protocols may be implemented if necessary.


Friends of IZAUK :   Recommended: £175, Low-Waged: £150, Unwaged: £125
Non-Members: Recommended: £195, Low-Waged: £170, Unwaged: £145

Those booking before 23rd October with full payment or a deposit of £25 will receive a £20 discount on the above prices. Please note that deposits are not normally refundable.

Bursary Fund:

Don’t let your finances stop you attending – Friends of IZAUK Members (you can join here online) who require financial assistance can apply for help from the IZAUK Bursary Fund.  Contact Jan Pearse at: for further information.  All money in the bursary fund has been donated by other members.  Sometimes we are able to give, and at other times we may need to receive.


Questions? please contact Jan Pearse –