IZAUK, the International Zen Association United Kingdom, is an umbrella organisation connecting the Soto Zen Buddhist groups in the United Kingdom which are affiliated to the International Zen Association. IZAUK member groups are dedicated to the practice of Zazen - silent, seated, upright meditation. Read more about IZAUK here

Each of our member groups/dojos (practice places) facilitate weekly zazen practice with introductions for newcomers or beginners. Additionally, we hold several yearly sesshins (zen practice retreats), as well as retreats focused on the sewing of kesas and rakusus.

Throughout the year, IZAUK member groups around the UK hold half day and full day sittings, weekends, sewing sessions, samu and other practice opportunities - see the events page and individual group pages for more information.

Latest Articles

Interview With Giuseppe Jisō Forzani

Giuseppe Jisō Forzani has been the Director of the Sōtō Zen Buddhism Europe Office based in Paris since November 2009. He is Italian, and after a turbulent youth practised and studied in Sōtō Zen Buddhist monasteries in Japan, and was ordained there. He is married and has two sons. You are the director of the […]

A Ceremony for Jean at La Gendro.

On Sunday 5th August a ceremony was held at La Gendronnière to commemorate the life of Jean Baby, an elder disciple of Master Deshimaru who died on Jan 1st of this year, aged 90. Jean was the founder of the Dojo of Strasbourg, and also (together with Nancy Amphoux) the founder of the UK branch […]

Farewell to Jean Baby

At a UK sesshin held at Gaunts House in the early 1990’s, during zazen, Jean said, “Please don’t die before me” – Jean had already held his 70th birthday party on Denny’s Barge in Bristol in 1991. Now nearly 20 years later Jean Baby has died after being very ill, unable to walk with damaged […]