IZAUK, the International Zen Association United Kingdom, is an umbrella organisation connecting the Soto Zen Buddhist groups in the United Kingdom which are affiliated to the International Zen Association. IZAUK member groups are dedicated to the practice of Zazen - silent, seated, upright meditation. Read more about IZAUK here

Each of our member groups/dojos (practice places) facilitate weekly zazen practice with introductions for newcomers or beginners. Additionally, we hold several yearly sesshins (zen practice retreats), as well as retreats focused on the sewing of kesas and rakusus.

Throughout the year, IZAUK member groups around the UK hold half day and full day sittings, weekends, sewing sessions, samu and other practice opportunities - see the events page and individual group pages for more information.

Latest Articles

The Four Noble Truths

This is the first in a series of talks looking at different Buddhist teachings from a Zen perspective. I thought I’d start with the first sermon the Buddha gave, on the Four Noble Truths, look at what he said, and also the Zen attitude to this.


What-the-Sutra-Says: The Sandokai

The Sandokai is the work of Master Sekito Kisen (in Chinese: Shítóu Xīqiān) who was born in in southern China in 700 AD and died in 790 AD. This was an era in which Zen grew in popularity and began to emerge as a distinct school with many strong, dynamic personalities like Bodhidharma and Eno.

japanese garden in cornwall

Mahayana Mind and the Four Vows

Transcription of Talk given at Crosby Hall Sesshin 2010
I’m going to speak a little about the origins of Mahayana Buddhism -how it relates to our practice and Dogen’s thinking. I’m going to focus on the ideas that are most relevant to us.

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